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Don’t Say Underwear: Say Munsingwear!

1950s Munsingwear Lingerie Ad

Quick Facts:

Minnesota, USA based.
Founded in 1886 as the Northwestern Knitting Company.
Branded in 1919.
Bought the Vassar Underwear Company in 1912, and sold it in 1918.
1923 – Began production of silk hosiery.
Locally produced 250,000 dozen pairs of nylon hosiery each year.

Munsingwear Lastex Girdle

Munsing’s patented crochet machine made it possible to add a decorative touch with a shell
stitch edge on women’s and children’s underwear.

1920 Munsingwear Lingerie Ad

The first Minnesota company to be listed on the New York Stock
Exchange in 1923.

“Foundette” featured the first “uplift” bra and girdle using the then new
elastic fabric called Lastex that Munsingwear introduced to the girdle
market in 1932. This was the original power stretch, years before

Triple Chiffon Half Slip

Munsingwear introduced nylon tricot to its women’s lingerie and foundations line in 1947 and patented
the “Nylarib” nylon reinforced neckband to men’s T-shirts in 1950.

Munsingwear and Vassarette

In 1957 they introduced the industry’s first coordinated line of lingerie and intimate apparel. The Vassarette women’s division was formed, and accounted for half the company

In 1959 they introduced multi-colored prints for coordinated lingerie. Adopting a fashion- forward European attitude, they called it “Toulouse”. Marketed to a growing youth market of young baby boomers, underwear reflected outerwear fashion with its colorful prints
and laces.
Innovation meant success for Munsingwear, which was at one time the
largest producer of branded underwear in the US and the largest
employer of women in Minnesota. 100 years of underwear history is
embedded in the memory of the slogan: “Don’t say Underwear – Say

Both Munsingwear (owned today by the Perry Ellis Company) and Vassarette (part of Vanity Fair Corporation) are still in operation.

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