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How to Wear Your Slip Dress in Public – Halloween 2010

This Halloween, most women (that is, 20-somethings) are usually tempted to be daring and bold  and get carried away dressing up in the most revealing costumes (that’re usually meant as stripper-wear or for-bedroom-eyes-only) but here’s how you can get away with wearing your favorite slip dress outdoors this Halloween, be bold by wearing lingerie as outerwear and look classy doing it!

Go As Liz Taylor aka “Maggie the Cat”
from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof!

You can always get your boyfriend or a male friend to go as Brick – just tell him he gets to walk around in a bathrobe and drink whiskey all night!

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – 1958 Giclee Print

You can get a slip dress specifically inspired by the one in the movie by Stop Staring at Atom Retro.

Except it’s $148.36.

For a truly authentic look, go vintage! I’ve hand-picked the vintage slip dresses below for an authentic look:

Who designed the beautiful white slip dress Elizabeth Taylor wore?

HELEN ROSE. She also designed the white wrap dress. Helen Rose was one of the few top Hollywood Designers from the 1940s-60s. She costumed over 200 films for MGM, was honored with 10 Oscar nominations and two Oscar wins! She designed wardrobe for a long list of stars.  She was Grace Kelly’s favorite, designing her wardrobe for “The Swan” and “High Society” AND her personal wedding gown as well as Elizabeth Taylor’s first wedding gown to Nicky Hilton, a white satin gown embellished with seed pearls and beading which had taken a number of beaders two months to complete!

Helen’s consumer line, “Helen Rose Couture”, existed from 1957-1972. In 1957, the price for her retail version of the Liz Taylor “Cat” short chiffon dress was $250!

I really want my Maggie the Cat costume to be authentic.

What’s so special about this slip dress?

The scalloped lace neckline and hem! Also, make sure you wear some shapewear underneath and/or opt for an opaque instead of sheer slip dress. You don’t want to catch a cold and Liz’s slip in the movie definitely wasn’t sheer enough to show off “the goods”.