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Secrets in Lace World Famous Bullet Bras

Secrets In Lace has been making Bullet Bras since 1999 and over the years their Bullet Bras have become second to none in fit and design. The Satin and Sheer Coquette Bullet Bra Collection have all the nostalgic vintage details you expect with a trapunto circle stitch soft cup to create a sexy projection, perfect under sweaters or blouses. Their Lace Overlay grouping is a bit more rounded in the cup and is pretty enough to show thorough a semi sheer blouse. Becoming a true “sweater girl” is easy with Secrets in Lace bullet bras! But, just remember to keep your fashion 1950s style and you’ll be fine. Bullet bras definitely don’t work under tight t-shirts, ladies!

1. coquette satin bullet bra in pink secrets in lace 2. secrets in lace coquette sheer nylon bullet bra

3. secrets in lace lace overlay 1960s bullet bra 4. secrets in lace vibrant bullet bra purple

5. secrets in lace bettie page bullet bra 6. bettie page leopard bullet bra secrets in lace

7. secrets in lace contrasting stitching trapunto bullet bra

1. Secrets in Lace Coquette Satin Bullet Bra in Pink. Satin is shiny and just the right weight to create a perfect line. Colors: Black, White Sizes: 32C,D,DD, 34-40 B,C,D, DD

2. Secrets in Lace Coquette Sheer Nylon Bullet bra shown in Black. A remake from the 1950s Glamour Bullet Bras and a new pattern for better fit standardized to sizing used in most department stores. Colors: Black, White Sizes: 32-40 B,C,D, DD

3. Secrets in Lace Lace Overlay Bullet bra. This bra is beautifully constructed and delicately detailed. The four section sheer cup has a traditional circle stitch with delicate lace on the lower half and upper third of the cup. This is a design that was quite popular in the early 1960’s and has not been in production since. Secrets in Lace has exclusively recreated it! Colors: Ivory Sizes: 32C -DD, 34B – 40DD

4. Secrets in Lace Vibrant Bullet bra shown in Purple. Coordinate this exquisite jewel tone bra with all the pieces in the Dominique Collection. With eight coordinating pieces to choose from, a Full Slip, Camisole, Tap Pant, two Thongs, Full Brief, Garter Belt and Waist Cincher the combinations are endless! Colors: Chocolate, Eggplant, Green, Silver;
Sizes: 32 C,D,DD 34-40 B,C,D,DD

5. Bettie wore this type of Bullet Bra in the 1950s and 1960s. It’s updated it with contrast lace and a full cup providing more support and a better Bullet Shape. This four section circle stitch bullet bra comes with Black Lace over White, Pink or Beige fabric and coordinates with the entire Bettie Page Collection. This is an exclusive Secrets In Lace Offering. You can wear it with the Bettie Page Stockings with Garter Belts, Bullet Bras and Briefs from Bettie’s Exclusive Collection. Colors: White, Pink, Beige Sizes: 32C -DD, 34B – 40DD

6. Bettie Page Leopard Bullet bra. Bettie Page loved her animal prints and SIL created an Authentic Circle Stitch Leopard Print Bullet Bra, coordinating Six Strap Garter Belt and Open Bottom Girdle for her exclusive SIL collection. The Bullet Bra has all the authentic details you expect with black circle stitch and black trim! Colors: Leopard Sizes: 32 C,D,DD 34-40 B,C,D,DD

7. This contrast color Kristen Bullet Bra is a real eye catcher!! It’s made it with white satin and contrast stitching and bra straps with mocha to match the lace in the Kristen Collection. You can coordinate this bra with a garter belt, thong, full brief or full slip. Colors: White Sizes: 32-40 B,C,D,DD