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Steal It! Marilyn Monroe’s Nylon Bodystocking from Let’s Make Love

Marilyn Monroe’s nylon bodystocking in the 1960’s movie Let’s Make Love is perfect for doing a little burlesque striptease for your man this Valentine’s Day!

I’d been looking for a nylon catsuit for a long time now, to emulate Marilyn Monroe’s song and dance in the 1960 movie Let’s Make Love. The nylon catsuit had to have a cuban heel, be made out of nylon, be sheer and not totally opaque and could not be made of fishnet or be crotchless! I finally found a few sultry looking numbers.

Madame Butterfly Bodystocking, inspired by Olivia

Inspired by the painting Madame Butterfly by the erotic pinup artist Olivia de Berardinis, this fantasy outfit is now a reality. It is an eye-catching sheer bodystocking with cuban heel backseam. Matching gloves and butterfly sleeve wrap included.

The only problem is not everyone fits a one size! Don’t worry plus size ladies, Hips and Curves to the rescue!

Spaghetti Strap Opaque Bodystocking

nylon plus size bodystocking crotchless black

This opaque spaghetti strap bodystocking is curve-hugging and sexy yet leaves a hint of mystery. Remember Diana Rigg in The Avengers? Her catsuit wasn’t crotchless like this one, but imagine the fun she could have had if it was! This style will best fit from 5′ – 5′ 11″ up to 2X or 220 lbs.

I want to put on a song and dance of my own in one of these! I love that they’re classy and not so in-your-face trashy like a lot of the body stockings out there. (I guess it’s 1960’s stripper wear?) The fact that these nylon catsuits are not completely sheer yet not opaque leave just enough to the imagination. The cuban heel detail make me swoon!

Custom Dazzle by Destiney Bleu