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Sneak Peek: Face Paint – The Story of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge

My First Book! What’s in it and what to expect - a quick overview #Facepaintbook

A quick flick through Lisa Eldridge's first book Face Paint - What it’s about, what to expect and what’s inside.

Talented makeup artist extraordinaire, Lisa Eldridge, is debuting her first book, all about the history of makeup! You may have seen her classic makeup tutorials – covering how-tos on gorgeous vintage stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Tippi Hedren, Audrey Hepburn and others. She’s made videos on the history of makeup with the author of The History of Compacts and Cosmetics: Beauty From Victorian Times to the Present Day (Women with Style), Madeleine Marsh. If you haven’t seen those videos, check them out here and here – they’re worth a look!

I’m thrilled to announce that the hardcover book and Kindle ebook are ready for pre-order on Amazon and will be released on October 13, 2015. The chapters aren’t written chronologically, like most books on the history of makeup and cosmetics. Instead, each chapter has a theme. Face Paint: The Story of Makeup is structured into two sections, section 1 is The Ancient Palette and section 2 is the Business of Beauty (about 2/3 of the book). It’s important to note that this book does not have ANY tutorials!

The Ancient Palette (which is nearly 1/3 of the book) contains 3 chapters of colors used in history:
red (beauty’s most enduring shade), white (the power and politics of white), black (beauty’s dark mark). It’s an overview of the ancient world to modern day. It’s been edited down from thousands and thousands of pages to approximately 60,000 words in 240 pages.

The Business of Beauty chapters deal with how we got to where we are now, in the world of cosmetics. The first chapter is called Media and Motivation: Creating the Dream. This is Lisa’s favorite chapter! It discusses the printing press, beauty recipes, Renaissance beauty, Victorian beauty, Hollywood makeup – it’s interesting to note that nearly all of the books on beauty at the time were written by men. This chapter also discusses Victorian stage makeup and the actresses that wore it, especially how it went from the theater to becoming mainstream and acceptable in society.

Her research did include a visit to the Conde Naste library to pour over every single issue of American, French and British Vogue. The next chapter: History in Your Handbag charts the stories and history behind what we carry in our handbags: mascara, eye palettes, lipstick, powder, foundation and blush. Also in this chapter is the origins of the first brands: global giants of the cosmetics industry. The next chapter: The Bleeding Edge is about the science of cosmetics. From radioactive makeup (in the 1920s) to today’s cosmetic technology (silicone, metallic textures, etc.). Lisa also discusses the future of makeup and where it might be years from now.
The last chapter is called I Want to Look Like You. This discusses ideas on where we are now: tribal makeup in the modern day, feminist theories, why we wear makeup, makeup obsessions, etc. Lisa pays homage to her makeup muses throughout the book and peppers it with quotes, ending on a quote from Miss Piggy.

This would make an excellent gift for the vintage enthusiast / makeup lover in your life – or yourself! The book costs around $13-17 USD, before shipping. Visit Lisa at and buy her book here on Amazon.

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