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Latest Zenni Cat-Eye Glasses Review

Back in July, I ordered six pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical, most of them featuring some sort of vintage-inspired, cateye shape. 😀 I went a little crazy because there was a Buy Two Get 1 Free Sale and I was getting annoyed at having to replacing my glasses every year. (Fun fact: It doesn’t matter how much I spend on a pair, I ruin my glasses somehow and end up having to replace them on a regular basis.)

Anyway, I’m reviewing two of the six pairs today. One I love and the other not so much. (First, let me apologize for the fact that once again, I am wearing zero makeup in any of the photos, because I’m totally lazy.) I would have thrown on eggplant lipstick, black eyeliner and done my hair in pincurls.. actually, I totally meant to, buuuut I didn’t because of reasons.

Now on to my review:

3035 Acetate Full-Rim Frame

Zenni 3035 Acetate Full-Rim Frame #303517

Zenni #303517, in Purple

cost: $27.95

Can you guess these are the ones I adore? Out of the 6+ pairs I have, these and one other pair I wear the most! Purple is my favorite color and I thought these were too unique not to buy, despite being priced at nearly $30 when Zenni usually features frames at around $6ish.  I did not care, I desperately needed new glasses (at the time of my purchase, mine were broken and my back up pair were on their way to breaking down too.) Also, they are the exact shade of purple I find looks great with my complexion – not too blue or pastel!

Zenni’s description of these glasses: A full-rim acetate frame for women with a cat-eye design.

They don’t mention that they have adorable silver hearts on the corners of the frames (aww). Does anyone remember the Smashing Pumpkins ’90’s logo with the heart? It reminds me of that. I noticed in the photos of the glasses on Zenni’s website, they look as if they’re simply stuck on but to me it looks like the hearts are inside the plastic of the frames which means they won’t scratch off with harsh treatment.


The frame shape is more of a rounded cat-eye instead of a square, like the second pair in my review (see below). I think rounded cat-eye shaped glasses are not for everyone, but are less bold and dramatic with my face shape. In my opinion, it’s a soft, subtle, everyday look. They still make a statement but don’t look like you’re trying too hard to be the next Isabella Blow. The purple shade is on the burgundy side of purple, yet the other side is a cooler and lighter fuchsia. It’s not so obvious at first, but they have a white outline going around the entire frame and temples. I will be posting more photos of this frame alone in the next few days to better show off what I mean. I love dressing these up or down (usually down), in fact I’m wearing them today with a black sweater, jeans and a coral scarf.

They feel extremely comfortable on and I find them to be well-made and my prescription is spot on. I think I’ll reference these measurements when (and if!) I ever make another glasses order (I’ve got 6 pairs, I’m good thanks) from Zenni. If I ever broke or lost these, I would repurchase them. They come in black too!

zenni review

Zenni #182433 in Cream,

cost: $23.95

Zenni’s description of these glasses: Styles of the ’50s and ’60s rule today’s fashion racks, and this striking, medium-size, two-tone, cat-eye, hypoallergenic acetate Women’s eyeglasses frame is as redolent of that era as any pair in our collection. Spring hinges on the two-toned temple arms help provide a comfortable fit. With the purple model outlined in dark green and the beige model outlined in brown faux wood-grain, and with little horizontal hash marks on the sides, these glasses would be right at home next to a Zenith television console or a Cadillac with tail fins.

1824 Acetate Full-Rim Frame With Spring Hinges

Zenni 1824 Acetate Full-Rim Frame With Spring Hinges #182433

Reading the reviews on the website it looks like some reviewers have the same problem I do! I just figured I didn’t look too closely at the measurements because look at how cute they are! Two-tone squarish cat-eye glasses in cream and a brown faux wood-grain?! A little over 20 bucks? What’s not to love?

Unfortunately, the hinges squeak when I put them on and take them off. The temples are too rigid for the sides of my face and I can definitely feel them when wearing the glasses. They look small for my face (or my face is too round) and they feel small on my face. Don’t get me wrong, they’re stylish and well-made but alas, too small. Interesting that Zenni describes them as “medium-size” eyeglasses — what do small-size ones look like? I imagine they’re as small as the original true-vintage cateye glasses of the 50s. I’m still going to keep them as a back-up pair, but I’m convinced I should have just ordered them as sunglasses, with a neat tint for a little extra.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, more to come soon!

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