“Great Gatsby” Movie Imitation Replica Jewelry

Live the lavish life of The Great Gatsby with our inspired jewelry collection, based on the classic book and movie. Channel your inner 1920s Long Island girl and give off the look of luxury with our earrings, hair accessories, bracelets, and rings. Go Gatsby this season with fabulous Great Gatsby jewelry style!

The Great Gatsby movie brings 1920s flapper girl styles from the book to life on the big screen. In the movie, the beautiful female actresses like Carey Mulligan are decked out in beautiful classic jewelry. If you’re looking to get a classic glam’ed up look with pearls, diamonds, and feathers check out our CZ jewelry styles that you can steal for less.

Fall in love with freshwater pearls just like the many pearl looks in The Great Gatsby! Pearl jewelry is not only classic; it’s feminine, fashionable, and oh-so-affordable. Stylish freshwater pearl bracelets are triple strung on elastic, and accented by three bars of silver tone metal and round cut rhinestones. The delicate proportions, luminous freshwater pearls, and comfortable design will make this your favorite bracelet.

Flapper jewelry is a hot accessory to have this season, is easy to mix & match with casual outfits, and even comes in clip earrings designs. Color your flapper girl look with colorful birthstone rings and bridal earrings. The timeless rings are a great way to bring your flapper girl look into the 21st century. Step into the timeless world of The Great Gatsby with the replica collection of flapper style jewelry!

Angela Friedman