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Bettie Page Clothing Review

I admit my opinion isn’t really a popular one and I thought about it a lot before writing this review. Bettie Page clothing has some gorgeous designs (and some that make me want to give them the side-eye) but they’re not one of my favorite vintage inspired clothing brands. I’ve only made one order from them (a skirt). Here’s why:

1. Ridiculous Prices
2. Bad Quality Fabrics
3. Weird Sizing

I have nothing against Bettie Page Clothing, I just wasn’t thrilled with my first (and only) purchase. I will say that their shipping service was quick and easy though.

Ridiculous Prices

I understand vintage inspired clothing is a niche market. Therefore, retail prices will reflect that. However, I think they overcharge for what you get. And even with a huge discount, (sometimes up to 70% off) I still haven’t been swayed to make another purchase.

Bad Quality Fabrics

It wasn’t horrible costume-store quality, but I expected much better than what I received. The fabric felt kinda cheap, not what I expected for a $50+ skirt! Since my first order, I now look at their catalog with a bit more thought. And that thought is “I bet that fabric is the cheapest ever. Would I still buy it at that price?”

Weird Sizing

I read some other reviews of Bettie Page Clothing and was advised to size up – TWICE. I believe they only go up to a size 4XL so if you’re a 2XL (a size US 14/16?) you’re SOL with most things on the site. I notice that the larger sizes tend to sell out twice as fast. Good luck, ladies.

Maybe that particular skirt wasn’t up to snuff, but I doubt I’ll be placing any more orders to find out if it was just a one time thing.