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5 Official Ebay Vintage Lingerie Stores

It’s the New Year (yay!) so while I was clearing out my personal Ebay Saved Sellers list, I thought I’d do a post and share them with you! In no particular order, here are my 5 favorite sellers I follow on Ebay. Almost all are official stores (as opposed to resellers) but I’ll make a separate list for resellers too!

1. What Katie Did Official Ebay Store

THE place for a reduced price corset from What Katie Did, to get seconds quality hosiery and a discount on lines being phased out. Check it out here.

What Katie Did Official Ebay Store

2. Kiss Me Deadly

The official Kiss Me Deadly Ebay store, where they feature closeout lines at discounted prices. A great bargain can be had here and stock is updated regularly! (Though be advised, their online shop gets first priority when it comes to customer support. It’s no big deal but worth noting!).

Kiss Me Deadly Official Ebay Shop

3. Dita Von Teese’s Official Reseller Accounts

DecadesTwo– an official DVT clothing line reseller, with an Ebay store.

Another Dita reseller, though I think the stock sold through her was a one-time thing.

Jenavonteese – Dita’s sister. Definitely still selling through there, but no auctions up at the time of this writing.

Dita Von Teese Ebay

4. Stockingirl’s official ebay store

If you’re a fan of Stockingirl brand hosiery, their ebay store is a treat. Fun fact: the brand started as an Ebay store, and in 1998, Ebay had to create a vintage stockings category for them, it didn’t exist at the time!

5. SIL Overstocks

Secrets in Lace‘s official (?) ebay shop. It’s not been linked from anywhere, but it looks like they use it to sell overstocked items. The account has been up since 2003 with over 100% positive feedback.

Secrets in Lace Ebay Shop


Which Ebay sellers/shops are you currently following?


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