My Less Than $20 Cheap Corset Review

I recently purchased a “corset” (against my better judgement.. haha) from TinyDeal. This website specializes in cheap everything direct from China at wholesale prices. I bought a “corset” for around $17 (with free int’l shipping) and it arrived in less than two weeks. I was shocked it came so fast, usually packages coming from China take at least 3 weeks before they arrive. I paid with Paypal, just in case.

This is what it looks like:


Floral Print Women Bustier Panty Set
Floral Print Women Bustier Panty Set


I read as many reviews as I could find (most of them in other languages, so I had to use google translate) and all of the customers were happy with their purchases. This photo, by the way, is a complete rip-off of What Katie Did‘s Lace Laurie Corset. The corset isn’t the same quality AT ALL and not to be confused with the quality of What Katie Did. I just bought it because I liked the look.

This is what this cheap imitation looks like:

tinydeal corsets
tinydeal corset review

And this is what it looks like on me:

cheap corset review tinydeal

tinydeal $20 corset review what katie did cheap imitation

(Sorry for the bad quality photos, I took these with my camera phone and lightened them a bit.)

Do you see how the busk is rigid and the buttons point at a strange angle? That’s not because the size is wrong but because of the cheap materials used. The metal “buttons” are very cheap and angle out. On a real corset, that’s meant to be worn and conform to the body, this would not happen. The busk would stay closed and not overlap, gap or be mismatched. This cheap corset comes with two sets of ribbon laces in the back which I immediately switched out to heavy duty ones meant for real corsets.

Since I have a natural hourglass figure, I could easily lace down at least 4 inches. That’s not possible with this “corset”, no matter how much breaking in I do. I don’t believe this would conform to my shape due to the cheap material. That said, I do recommend this cheap corset for a few things:

Recommended use

  • Costume parties
  • Boudoir wowing
  • Burlesque acts
  • Pin Up Shoots
  • Clubbing

Not recommended for

  • Tightlacing (or any sort of reduction)
  • Those looking for a real corset
  • What Katie Did employees? LOL

So all in all, I spent less than $20 bucks and got myself a bustier that looks nice and nothing more. To be honest, I think I’ll order a few more as they’re so cheap, I don’t have much to lose. I honestly expected a lot worse (loose threads, cheaper fabric, even cheaper plastic boning) but it’s better than what I expected, for sure. Thanks for reading!