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BurlyQLady Reviews: M&S Vintage Style Spot Longline Bra

Welcome to my first ever BurlyQLady Reviews!

Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Vintage Style Spot Longline Bra

I ordered this very affordable Marks and Spencer Limited Collection Vintage Style Spot Longline bra about a month ago when it was first featured on their website. They didn’t have such a selection of longline bras at the time, but they do now! It seems like they’ve added more longline style bras since the last time I checked.

A Little Intro

The Vintage Style Spot Longline bra from Marks & Spencer is “fun and fabulous” and this vintage style longline bra is part of the M&S Limited Collection of lingerie, which is “fashionable, contemporary lingerie in the latest prints, colours and shapes.” What the limited collection means is that it’s available for a limited time, which I’m guessing means when they’ve sold out of their stock, they won’t bring it back! If you like it, you’d better snatch it up before it sells out in your size.

Color & Style

This bra is available in two colors; black mix and green mix. I bought the black mix, although I’m thinking I want to buy the green mix as well. It’s a gorgeous turquoise color and I don’t have many lingerie pieces in green! If you’ve read some of my older posts, I may have mentioned that I despise polka dots/spot print. Well, I still do. But I loved the cut of this longline bra so I was willing to overlook my hatred of polka dot/spot print. The little buttons, pink bows and especially the piping and white lace scallop trim added to this bra is very pretty and drew my attention.

Sizing & Fit

I bought this bra in a UK size 38D. In US sizes, that’s a 38C. In European sizes, that’s an 85D. I wanted this bra to fit well and there were no reviews on the fit (whether it ran large, small or true to size) when I bought it. I normally fit around around a 38C-36D, depending on manufacturer. That said, this bra runs a little larger. I think it’s because it features “added stretch”. I didn’t notice, but it says so under the “Product Details”. Oops! Does it stretch considerably? Yes! So you’re free to even order a size down than you normally wear, which I think I should have done. I think the “added stretch” is due to the band material (which is a stretchy black mesh) and the overall 5% elastene content.

marks spencer vintage style spot longline bra review green

M&S Vintage Style Spot Longline Bra in Green Mix

The Form & Cut

Although it’s a longline bra, I believe the cups would be considered a “full cup” style. A full cup bra gives great support and is a great choice for women who wear bigger cup sizes. The full cup and firm fit enables good bust control giving you more security and comfort. The straps on this style of bra are slightly wider and are positioned more centrally than other bras to give better uplift and comfort. This style of bra is ideal for everyday wear, giving a natural look when worn with most high cut tops and shirts, which is exactly what I was looking for in my quest for a good longline bra. Indeed, this bra is extremely comfortable to wear. I’ve worn it 3x a week for work, for 10 hours each time!

Besides the added stretch, the only other issue I had with the cut and fit of the Vintage Style Spot Longline bra was in the cups. The cups feature a scallop trim in white lace and I can see the top seams when I wear thin tops. I actually don’t mind it, I like the shape of the seam. It looks almost as if I’m wearing a sexy bustier or mini corset under my clothes. (I think a longline bra is sort of a “training bra” for a corset anyway.)

What I don’t like is the baggy fit at the top of the cups. Again, I didn’t notice when I bought it, but you can actually see an example of this when you look at the photo of the model wearing it. It’s not noticeable when you’re wearing a top, but when you put the bra on and look down, the bagginess is definitely apparent. I’m not sure a smaller size would help.

The M&S Vintage Style Spot Longline bra features padding in the cups, but not too much. It’s enough to hold the shape of the bra but not enough to make you look a size bigger.

marks spencer longline bra limited collection vintage style review

Back view of the M&S Vintage Style Spot Longline Bra

Other Notes

This bra is hard to get on! There are 7 sets of hook and eye fastenings at the back so it takes a bit longer to do them up. I have to hook it around my front first, then turn it around and pull it up. I think that’s the most efficient way to put on this bra, as well as other longline style bras (assuming you don’t have anyone else around to help you!). Also, M&S doesn’t mention it, but there is (almost unnoticeable plastic) boning in this bra on the sides, which is excellent because it keeps the form all the way around and smooths down any flabbiness at your sides. This creates a very sexy hourglass shape and I have turned some heads while wearing it! No one can tell why, but I definitely noticed that I look shapelier when I wear this bra. There’s more definition in my underbust and upper abs/ribcage area.

Review Summary


Great material, light & comfy boning, stretchy, nice cut, also comes in green! Good price for a longline bra (£18.00/approx. $29 USD, at the time of this review).


Runs slightly large, cups are a little baggy at the top, make sure you get the right size! (Sizes in M&S are for the UK market, which is different than US sizes!)

m&s vintage style longline bra product details review

Product Details


Thank you for reading my first review* on this site!

*Disclaimer: M&S has not paid me and will not pay me for this review. I don’t receive any sort of compensation for my opinion.

What do you think of this longline bra? Is $29 too expensive? What did I forget to write about in my first review? Comment and let me know!

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