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M&S Launches Alternative to Bullet Bra

M&S Perky Profile bra

M&S Perky Profile bra

The UK’s Daily Mail reported last month that:

Thanks to burlesque star Dita Von Teese, having a retro cone-shaped embonpoint has never been so cool. But for those with a less than perky pair, achieving a 1940s shape has been a tough task – until now.

I guess they’ve never heard of What Katie Did – which is strange, because WKD is also UK-based. Anyway…

Hot on the heels of their silhouette-shaping ‘drop a dress size’ dress, Marks and Spencer has launched the sexy ‘Perky Profile’ bra to help shoppers get Dita’s look for less.

It aims to give breasts a retro cone shape thanks to specially constructed padding.

The bra, which is available in Dita esque black and pink, as well as a ladylike cream, will, say M&S, give you a ‘push out’ rather than a push up profile.

Soozie Jenkinson, Head of Lingerie Design at M&S says:

‘Modern day celebrities like Dita Von Teese have championed this glamorous retro forties style.

‘The perfect underpinnings are essential in achieving this look, which is why we launched our Perky Profile bra which projects the bust giving you a fuller, more pronounced shape for the ultimate Sweater Girl look.

‘This lingerie innovation uses a completely new cup shape creating a higher bust point giving a more stand out shape.

Paschal Little, head of lingerie innovation at M&S added:

‘The unique and innovative smoothing cups have been engineered with extra projection at the bust point providing a modern silhouette which emulates glamour icons from the 1940’s Hollywood era.

‘This gives a great new shape under this season’s “New Look” silhouette.’

M&S Perky Profile Bra from the side

I shop M&S quite often. I saw this bra the other day and completely passed it over. After I read this article, I even tilted my head a bit at the photo and squinted. I can’t really see this pointy style they’re alluding to. Can you?

I think I need to see this in person or at least see a real photo of it.

Did anyone buy or try on this bra when it launched last month? How does it look?

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