Herroom Makes Room for ‘Conical Bras’

herroom conical bras

Herroom says:

Whether it’s nostalgia, the fashion runaways or the TV series Mad Men, those bullet-shaped bras are baaaaa-ck. We’re by no means suggesting that this is the look of the modern woman, but why not enjoy a little dreamy escapism just for fun? Whether you think Madonna or Monroe, there’s surely something retro and glamorous about the silhouette, and bra manufacturers are offering plenty of conical bra styles to suit your fancy.

Featuring 40’s Retro Shape bras from many well known manufacturers from the era that are still alive today, Herroom has created a space for those bras that offer the pointy, up and out bullet bra shape, instead of the more modern, round shape seen on bras today.

There are 30 styles so far, including dress slips, longline bras and sports bras that produce a vintage silhouette.