Agent Provocateur SPRING SUMMER 2015 Lingerie Collection

“Life makes detectives of all of us. There’s something at the end of the trail that we’re all looking for.” – David Lynch

For Spring Summer 2015, Agent Provocateur follows the dangerous trail of the perfectly executed murder. Inspired by David Lynch’s The Lost Highway and Brian de Palma’s glamorous and murderous thriller Body Double, the collection explores the complex and many-sided woman: coy, duplicitous, siren, saint. With Ellen Von Unwerth returning behind the lens to bring her signature sizzle to the collection, a perfect crime is played out in deliciously high drama and heart-racing glamour.
Naomi Campbell is Agent Provocateur’s mercurial femme fatale for Spring 2015. With a killer instinct and a body to match, she cloaks herself in only the most devastatingly sensual pieces to commit the perfect crime. Armed with the trappings of an accomplished slayer – the shovel, the gloves, the knickers – she is a hit woman from whom no one can escape.
This is the time that the effervescent Ellen Von Unwerth has shot for Agent Provocateur. Her fizzling sensitivity to female erotic power makes her the perfect artist to capture the adrenaline-fueled chase for our bodacious killer queen Ms. Campbell.

Sarah Shotton’s interest in girl gangs and pulp fiction novels of the early 1960’s led her on a chase of her own for SS15: through crimes, punishments and the fascinating women who live for the adrenaline rush, she found the inspiration for her killer collection.

“When casting for Spring Summer 2015 we knew that we wanted to work with a powerful all-female team to complement the campaign inspiration. Naomi and Ellen were perfect for this as they both have such strong, individual personalities that work very well together. We chose Ellen as her aesthetic mirrors the sensual, mysterious undertones of the campaign concept impeccably. Naomi fitted into the story effortlessly. Naomi is the ultimate Agent Provocateur woman: witty, gorgeous and confident. She is a natural femme fatale, a quality which effortlessly translates in our images.” – Sarah Shotton