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Mad Men Dresses from Season 6

Every Sunday night at 9pm, we gather around the television and prepare ourselves for another captivating episode of Mad Men. But do we watch this enticing show simply for the engrossing plot, superb acting, and fascinating characters? No, we watch for the fabulous 1950?s Vintage Inspired Dresses of course! Do you want to strut your stuff like one of the stand out women of Mad Men? Let us help! We’ve put together a few different Mad Men inspired styles in an effort to help you dress to impress the Don Draper’s of the 21st Century.

MadMenBlog 21 1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses   The Sexy Women of Madmen

We can’t all be as poised and put together as Trudy Campbell, but we can sure try to look like we are! Pair these white satin gloves and gold vintage inspired earrings with our beautifully classic Megan Wiggle Dress, and there you go! Step onto the dance floor, Trudy. You are ready for the ball!

Dress: Red Lace Over White Megan Wiggle Dress

Gloves: White Satin 23? Elbow Length Gloves 

Earrings: Jewelry by Sweet Romance Victorian Rosette Earrings

MadMenBlog 31 1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses   The Sexy Women of Madmen

Is your style more sultry and sexy like Joan Harris? You’re going to want to go with a dress that shows off your fabulous figure, but doesn’t reveal too much. Go with a bold color, like this royal blue, and opt for a dress with a little bling. Us Joan types weren’t made to blend in anyway!

Dress 1: Royal Blue gathered Chiffon Beaded One Shoulder Prom Dress

Dress 2: Royal Blue One Shoulder Chiffon Beaded Empire Prom Dress

Dress 3: Luscious Lady Royal Blue Embellished Gown

Dress 4: Royal Blue Chiffon &amp, Rhinestone One Shoulder Prom Gown


MadMenBlog 41 1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses   The Sexy Women of Madmen

Ah, Betty Draper. Not the most caring of the bunch, but she definitely pulls off the 1950s housewife look undoubtedly well. Pair our ultra feminine Eve Franco Lemon Dress with these Teal Faceted Drop Earrings and our silver deco bracelet, and there you go. Hello, Betty Crocker!

Dress: Eva Franco Lemon Supreme Genesis Dress

Earrings: Teal Faceted Oval &amp, Pearl Earrings

Bracelet: Silver Joie De Vivre Deco Bracelet


MadMenBlog 51 1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses   The Sexy Women of Madmen

Megan Draper is certainly the beauty of the bunch. If your look is dashingly gorgeous, Mrs. Draper is the style icon for you. Go with a subtle color, a full-length gown and a few simple embellishments. Pair this Silver Beaded Elegant dress with our Black Swarovski Crystal Fan Earrings for a simply stunning look.

Dress: Grecian Silver Beaded Elegant Prom Dress

Earrings: Black Swarovski Crystal Fan Earrings

MadMenBlog 61 1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses   The Sexy Women of Madmen

If you’re the Peggy Olson of today, you’re style must reflect your ambitious and creative personality. Wear a bold and courageous deep red that stands out in an ultra resilient way. Pair a stand out wiggle or swing dress with our Antoinette Pearl Earrings and our understatedly gorgeous Silver Rhinestone Triple Row Bracelet, and you’re ready to conquer the advertising world, one forcefully intense step at a time.

Dress 1: Rita Rust Collared Dress

Dress 2: Lynette Red Aimee Sweetheart Dress

Dress 3: The Red Ramona Dress

Earrings: Antoinette Pearl Earrings

Bracelet: Silver Rhinestone Triple Row Bracelet

Whether you are the light and poised type, the super sexy sort, the put together housewife, the beautiful trophy wife, or the ambitious go-getter, we’ve got you covered. Choose your Mad Men style icon and strut your stuff in our 1950?s Vintage Inspired Dresses in a way that fiercely represents the strong, beautiful and fabulous woman we all know you are!

Angela Friedman